Some PC related issues

[Italian abstract: un problema con il wireless mi ha fatto perdere un po' di tempo. Ora sembra risolto. ]

Usually I don’t write about my problems with the PC. Although I studied computer science for two years, I’m not an expert. Often I feel where the problem is, but I do not have so deep knowledge of Windows as a trained consultant. I try to solve my PC problem with the help of the net. Very often I find the solution. From now, I’d like to give my little contribution.

Since one week I have problem with the Intel PROSet/Wireless Software, that manage my 2915ABG board. It does not connect to my wireless. If I use the Windows software, it works. With the Intel, no way: “Problem applying profile” error. Last week I repaired the software via Add/Remove Program utility and it was ok. Today it did not work.

I found this support page at Intel, but it did not work. Then I get another support page related to WEP. After a reboot, it works. I hope I’m over with this, although in the WEP settings I do not have “C:\ProgramFiles\Intel\Wireless\Bin\Dot1XCfg.exe” anymore, but I have “Intel 802.1x Server” and “pdfSaver for PDF-XChange 3.0″ (it was unchecked, now I checked it since I need it).

My configuration: Dell Latitude D810, with docking station (with external monitor).

Other PC problems I have (and should solve):

  • PC freezes sometime, should be hardware related, I called italian Dell support, they can’t send someone in Switzerland for motherboard substitution, I should call swiss Dell support but I’m afraid in explaining in French or German. See Dell Forum.
  • System tray icons appear and disappear when I dock/undock the PC.

Update: as usual, things are more complicated than at a first look. PROSet/Wireless still not working. Uninstalled completely and reinstalled, still nothing. Could be something related to power management? I noticed that the Dell Quickset was not loaded at booting. I loaded manually and now the PROSet works. Let’s see after 2-3 reboots…

Update 2: I get back to original WEP configuration. Now the problem is almost solved: Dell Quickset loads correctly at startup; PROSet Wireless does not connect, until I let Windows manage the wireless adapter and then back to PROSet.

Update 3 (18.01.2008): I found two threads in the Dell community forum. Second one is particularly interesting: it seems that this problem is related to the new version (, while old version works) and nobody is solving it. Some additional software may help, but it’s not sure.

Update 4 (25.1.2008): tried downgrading, nothing. Tried install kb 893357 and kb 914440, nothing.